About me


Hello! My name is Harriet and I am the creator of CotswoldsCrochet.

Before I started crocheting I wouldn’t have described myself as a particularly creative person- I definitely leaned more towards science and maths in school! But towards the end of 2018 my sister-in-law started crocheting amigurumi and it was love at first sight for me! I dove head first into my new hobby and my main focus at first was crocheting Pokémon; I have always been a huge Pokémon fan and the idea of making my own little army excited me to no end. This quickly allowed me to test the waters in pattern writing as I found that there weren’t enough Pokémon patterns available to suit my needs. I then started an Etsy shop as a fun pastime for when I wasn’t working as a bookkeeper.

In 2020 I had more time on my hands and decided to pursue more seriously the idea of a crochet business. I released more patterns as well as more made-to-order plushies in my shop- and soon the interest grew! As of 2021 I am now fully booked for commissions for the foreseeable future, and I have lots of patterns in the works ready to be released.